Sunday, August 19, 2012

Exciting Events Coming Soon

Our sister missionary trio has been going great.  We all have fun together, and I feel like we work well together too.  It has been a good week but nothing is really standing out to me to write about so I will share the things that are on my mind.

There are a couple of exciting events coming up this week.  An apostle is coming!  It is Elder Anderson and he is coming on Saturday.  We are excited.  There is also a member of the Quorum of the 70 [group of church leaders] coming, Elder Snow.   There are going to be two different meetings and it is going to be great!

Oh, and next week's P-day [preparation day] is going to be different.  P-day is going to be on Tuesday instead of Monday.  We are going to the temple next Tuesday and so our P-day gets switched to that day too.  I am soooo excited!  I haven't been to the temple since my MTC [Missionary Training Center] days.  This experience has taught me how special the temple is and how much I want it to always be a part of my life.  It will have been 11 months since I last attended the temple.  And, I never want to let 11 months pass before going to the temple ever again in my life.  It is a special way to remember the covenants that we have made with God.

Well, I am about out of time to write.  I love you all.  Thank you for all the good you do in the world, and keep going!  Love, Sister Cluff.

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