Saturday, February 18, 2012

Short & Sweet

Sweet News!  We had a baptism!!!  I forgot my camera cord, so I won’t be attaching any pictures this week.  It was an awesome baptism.  The spirit was so strong!  Brother J, Kathy's fiancé, called us up less than 3 weeks ago and said "My fiancé wants to take the lessons and be baptized."  The call came on a day of really long tracting or knocking on doors. 

Some thoughts I’ve had about missionary work: 
-It is amazing when you are blessed for doing what you should be doing. 
-Member missionaries are so important. 
-Friendship is one of the three most important things church members need.  Investigators and recent converts are no exception and also need friendship.

I should be hearing about transfers on Saturday.  Next Wednesday is transfer day.  We are going to be moving to a new apartment soon.  We, the R ward sisters, have been living with the M ward sisters in the same apartment.  I will let you know next week what is up.  Exciting times.

I love you all so much!  The church is true and it makes your life better. 
Love, Sister Cluff

P.S.  Sorry the note is short, but I had to fill out an online survey for the mission and it took my computer time this week.

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