Saturday, February 18, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

As most of you know the Super Bowl was yesterday.  None of the Sister missionaries really like the Patriots, so it is a good thing the Giants won.  Did you know that people don't like answering the door/talking when the game is on?  We tried not to tract after knocking on 3 doors and people not liking to talk to us.  People were either watching the game, or not home because they were going to a super bowl party.  We figured it wouldn't really gain the respect of The Church and they wouldn't really want to hear about Christ when the biggest game of the year is going on.  Oh, well.  We didn't even remember about the Super Bowl until we were at church.  ha-ha

Another fun thing is that Sister W and I got to go into the YM’s class (YM = Young Men, ages 12-18) during church yesterday and answer all of their questions.  They asked a lot of hard ones like "What is your favorite hymn/scripture/candy?"  And, yes they really asked us all of those questions.  It was fun being the source of knowledge and also kinda scary.  The Bishop was there and a lot of YMs leaders who know a lot.  I hope we helped at least some of the boys.  They started getting rowdy towards the end.  Anyways, it was fun and a good learning experience.

The other day the Stake President (He's in our ward) was talking to Sister R, who’s now in the other ward.  He said that we (Sister W and I) were doing well.  He also said that I prompted Sister W to ask a good question when we were at their house for dinner/lesson.  The funny part is I don't remember doing that....  Maybe she asked a question when I decided it was her turn to talk?  I don't know.  Companionships definitely take a lot of work.  You have to watch out for the other person and gauge how they're feeling and adjust accordingly.  I think Sister W is getting tired of hearing me ask "Are you okay?" or something similar.  But it is what I do.  I try to watch out for those around me.  I do the same thing for Sister R and Sister F.

To all my friends and family, keep doing well.  Keep sharing those things close to your hearts, especially with Heavenly Father as He loves hearing things from your heart… anywhere from worries and concerns to complete joy.  He is truly our Father in Heaven.  I love you!

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