Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baptism Commitment

I love being able to write to you and hear from you even if it is only once a week.  It brightens my day.

Our miracle baptism:  Sister F and I have a few baptisms coming up, one of the baptisms is for a girl named Lauren.  Some elders had tracted into Lauren about a month and a half ago.  We were finally able to contact her a few weeks later.  We had set up a time but then it was cancelled with no successful appointments following that. Last week we got a really long text at 1AM and Lauren said she had felt herself slipping away from God and wanted to meet the next day.  

Sister F wanted to set a baptism date during that first lesson where we were getting to know her and her expectations.  We role played it and during the lesson Lauren brought up that she saw the success/happiness of her LDS [Latter-day Saint, Mormon] friends and she wanted that for herself even if that meant being baptized.  She was the first one to bring up baptism.  We were able to commit her to a day.  That day is Mothers' day which is also her birthday.  I love that the Lord puts people in your path who are ready.  I am so excited for her and this big step she is ready to make.  She is our miracle baptism because she does want to be baptized so quick.  Many of our other investigators have been investigating for months at least.
My companion, Sister F, doing dishes.

The baptism news was the biggest thing that  happened last week.  
I love you all!  
Thank you for all your letters! 
Love, Sister Cluff.

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