Sunday, July 1, 2012

Phone Call Anticipation

I don't really have time to write this week.  Sorry about that.  I am not sure where my time went to.  I guess it was spent trying to figure out how this Mothers’ Day thing [phone call] is going to work.  President said I could Skype, but I need to keep it all within the 1 hour 30 minutes to 1 hour 45 minute limit.  We will be Skype-ing at a member's house if we can find someone.  We are not exactly sure who.  Maybe our dinner appointment person will let us?  [Note:  Missionaries are allowed to call home twice a year, on Christmas and Mothers’ Day.]

Some things I am excited for this week:
Mothers’ Day - (of course)
Lauren's baptism - (on Mothers’ Day)
Exchanges - (My companion, Sister F is going to be with Sister R.  Sister W is going to be
my companion for a day.)
Transfers - (I’ll find out what is going on this Friday or Saturday.)

I love you all!  Sorry for the short letter.  Talk to you soon!!!!!  Love, Sister Cluff.

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