Sunday, April 8, 2012

Finding and Teaching

I always like holidays because it is something to get excited for.  This St. Patrick's Day is going to be really special because we are having a baptism!  It is for Lynzi.  She is 18 and she works at McDonald's with a few members.  She has really come out of her shell since she has been meeting with us and coming to church.  When we first started meeting with her, she was pretty quiet and you could tell that she felt uncomfortable.  She had been meeting with other missionaries before.  She already had taken most of the discussions and had a baptism date before we started teaching her.  It has been an interesting experience.   You definitely develop a love for those people even though you don't even know them well.

Another exciting thing was this Saturday we committed someone to be baptized!  We had a lesson with someone who has never really set a date to be baptized even though she knows everything and has been doing it for quite some time.  Her boyfriend is a member (He is currently in California) and so she went to church a lot with him.  She has been asked to set a date multiple times but this time we were super bold and the Spirit was there.  She said yes!  It was a sweet experience.

Another story from this last Saturday was that we were going to tract for an hour and then eat dinner.  Well, our first 20-25 minutes that we knocked on doors, only 1 person answered.  We knocked another door and an Asian lady said that she wasn't interested and shut the door.  We then proceeded to knock on her neighbor's door (we were in an apartment building).  The Asian lady, from the previous apartment, cracked her door open and asked us if we taught about Jesus Christ and the Bible.  We said yes.  We had told her before that we were sharing a message about Jesus Christ so I am not sure what made her open her door again.  She invited us in and we ended up teaching her a lesson.  We learned that Lee is here on sabbatical with her son from Korea.  She is an English professor with a PhD and teaches at a university.  She said that she has time to learn now.  I guess she had a colleague who was a member (he went to BYU) and he introduced her to the Church, but she never really got her questions answered and had been thinking about that ever since.  That was about 10 years ago.  We taught her for about an hour.  There was a language barrier but on our next visit we are taking a Korean member to teach Lee and her son.  It was a miracle.  She also gave us some food because we were going home to eat probably cold cereal.  She is amazing!  Look at how God prepares people to learn more.

I love you all.  Thank you so much for your support and love!  Keep sharing the gospel, who knows when it will touch someone's heart?  We all can help with the Lord's work.  Love you!  Love, Sister Cluff.

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