Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Life

My Apartment:  is two bedrooms, 1 bath and it has an upstairs and downstairs.  Both bedrooms and the bathroom are upstairs.  There is a kitchen and living area downstairs.  One of the bedrooms Sister B and I use as a study area and it also has clothes in there.  The other bedroom has 4 beds (there is 1 bunk-bed) in it and the rest of the clothes.  I am on the top bunk of the kid bunk-beds.  They are short which is pretty good because there is no ladder just a few rock climbing rocks screwed in which I am not good at using... so I get to step on someone else's bed to get up.  Sister B sleeps underneath.  Luckily everyone sleeps pretty good and I haven't really heard much sleep talking happening.
My Companion:  is Sister B, who is amazing and is soon to be leaving.  She is trying to decide if she is going home in the middle of May or end of June.  She is leaning towards May because then she will get to be there for her little brother's high school graduation and get to be there more for him as he is preparing to go on a mission.  She is from Branson, Missouri and it was fun remembering that one time we drove through Branson.  There was a tornado there just a few days ago but everything is fine for her family.  She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology, or something like that.  She wants to be a counselor when she "grows up."  She is 24 and super amazing.  I want to learn as much from her as possible.
My ward:  is a Young Single Adult Ward.  It is bigger than the one in the Chicago area, but smaller than the typical Provo YSA wards.  It is a pretty good age spread, pretty even, maybe more older than younger people.  There are more girls than guys.  We have been teaching quite a few Chinese foreign exchange students.  We are actually helping teach an English class for them and they are helping us learn some Mandarin.  It is crazy and hard.  We work primarily with the sisters in the ward or the girl investigators.  We get to go to some of the activities, like FHE [Family Home Evening, held on Monday nights].  The whole ward goes to the same one here instead of being divided into little "families.”   We got to go to the CES [Church Education System] Fireside, etc.  So, in that way I almost feel normal but our purpose is missionary work.  It is weird seeing a bunch of YSA students going about living life, worried about classes, midterms, and finals.  It makes me almost miss school!
My Testimony:  I love you all and I know this church is true.  I see it bless people's lives every day.  I can see a change in them when they are doing what's right and keeping the commandments that God has given us to help us.  I love you!  Love, Sister Cluff.

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