Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life without Walmart

Currently, I am in the C.H. Ward, which is a YSA ward [YSA= Young Single Adults, ages 18-30].  We help the sisters in the ward and the female investigators.  It is super fun.  Since we cover all of the YSAs in the stake [a stake is a grouping of several wards], we don't have to be as worried about leaving our area and getting permission to be outside of our area.  This is pretty sweet.  The Zone Leaders [missionaries who are responsible for overseeing other missionaries in a prescribed area] are serving in our ward and in another ward, called the P Ward.  I am living with 3 sister missionaries, my companion and another companionship.   It is super fun.  There is a church member here who owns Curves (the fitness place) and she lets us work out for free.  It is pretty cool.
It is crazy that there are so many similarities and differences between the various missionaries and the mission areas.  The current town I am serving in is much larger and also more compact.  It is an older college town, more like the places we have lived.  We have access to things… everything except a Target or a Walmart.  The people in this town decided they didn't want to run out all of the little stores by getting a big department store.  My last area also had the small town feel to it, but they at least had a Walmart!  But, I like it here and I don't have time to shop anyway. 
We have been teaching many cool people and it is fun to learn their stories and see how they are growing closer to Christ and changing so that they can return and live with their Heavenly Father.  I know this church is true.  I feel it in my heart.  I love you all!  Love, Sister Cluff.

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