Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mission Snow Day(s)

In case you haven't been watching the weather, we got snow!  It actually stopped us from going out.  The first day it never really stuck much but it was constantly snowing and they didn't want us driving.  We got to deep clean the apartment and plan for the next week.  On Wednesday, we ended up being able to go out and drive at 4pm.  On Thursday, when there was about 3 inches of snow, we got to drive at 11am.  I was just thinking if we were anywhere else they would laugh at 3 inches of snow.  It may be because Eugene got about 8 inches of snow and I guess it was super dangerous so they kept most of the mission inside.
 My birthday last week was fun.  Sister C, Sister H, and Sister B got me a cookie dough ice cream cake from cold stone.  It was delicious.  The rest of my birthday wasn't as exciting.  I wrote letters and did laundry.  Everyone kept kicking me out of the kitchen when I snuck in there to help with birthday lunch.  It was weird.  But, we have a pretty small kitchen so I wasn't too sad to get kicked out.
We had interviews this week and that is where we get a one-on-one interview with President Y.  He is awesome and I always look forward to seeing him and Sister Y.  We also had training.  President is pushing the idea of becoming master teachers.  He wants real growth in this mission.  Real growth means that we aren't just trying to get numbers but we are trying to help people make and keep covenants.  It is a tricky thing to do but I feel like I am growing and learning every time I heed his counsel.  He is truly inspired and I trust him.  I also trust in the Lord that he will send me where I need to be.  It is hard sometimes but I can recognize the rightness of every action, you know? 
I love you all!!  Happy General Conference Weekend!!  [General Conference is where we hear from our church leaders who are at church headquarters in Salt Lake City.  The meetings are broadcast world-wide over a weekend, two times each year.]  Did you know that you can receive revelation from conference?  Go with a question and take good notes.  That's my plan.  I love you!  Love, Sister Cluff.
 P.S.  My keyboard is super annoying.  I am kind of a keyboard snob. (snob keeps wanting to come out as nob)  Anyway I just thought you would want to know -- at least it is not in another language like the one at the MTC!

P.S.S. I got my hair straightened today.  Sister C (the one in the picture) straightened it and did my make up.  I am not sure how I feel about eye-liner.

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