Sunday, October 7, 2012

Exciting Driving

Damage to Car - side view

I guess the biggest news this week was I hit a deer on Thursday morning!  We were all meeting together as missionaries to play dodge-ball or basketball.  So this was about at 6:25am and it was still dark.  It wasn't around a turn or anything but it was a dark stretch of road.  I suddenly saw a brown furry thing.  It was a deer and I hit him.  Sister N and I think it was about a 4 point buck.  He was running across the road coming from the driver's side.  He didn't fly up which was lucky for us because there could have been a lot more damage. He sat up, and looked dazed after we hit him.  Someone called the cops for us.  I was directing traffic around our car and the deer. (Yes, Mom I put on my emergency blinkers.) 

Busted Headlight

There was a lady who said she could have tagged him for us if it wasn't past deer season.  She was a hunter.  I decided once again, that I never want to hunt. When the policeman arrived, he said that we could go and he would probably have to put down the deer.  He probably had a couple of his legs broken.  We were pretty shaken up, but we are okay now.  I decided to write you about it since Sister Y took a picture of us with the car and wanted to put it on the mission blog.  I figured I better tell you before that happened!  It was unpreventable so I am not in trouble.


More Scratches

We had zone conference the next day and our accident was the talk of the zone.  All the Elders kept wanting to look at our car.  One Elder said that we were really lucky it didn't cause more damage (believe me, I know).  He said he hit a pheasant with his truck and it left that much damage. 
Luckily President Y and all the adults were very understanding.  I even got teased about being a Bambi killer, by President L (he's in our mission presidency) but did it in a loving way. I knew he was teasing which weird enough helped me feel better about it. We also got a replacement car while this one is being fixed. It is actually a car I have driven before in another area.

We are continuing to do good work over here.  This is one of the friendliest wards I have ever been in. We are working on helping members with their family mission plans.  It is exciting to tell stories of member missionaries and their efforts.  I have told some of Dad's stories about home-teaching.  Thanks, Dad for your great example!

I love you!  Thank you for all you do.  Love, Sister Cluff
P.S. Mom, I am fine, really.

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