Sunday, October 7, 2012

Short Report

There is not much to report on this week.  We talked to a lot of people, taught quite a few lessons and picked some pears.
I guess one of the most exciting things was that we platform-picked pears.  This involves a large machine with a platform you stand on and it drives slowly along the row of trees.  You pick pears as fast as you can.  We also got harnessed in.  It was really hard work but a lot of fun.  I felt like an old lady later in the day, but it helped me appreciate my body that works well.
The work of the Lord is rolling forth.  It is a great thing to see and I am so very grateful I get to be part of it. 
I love you all and I continually keep you in my prayers.  Thank you for all you do for me.  I have been richly blessed to have such great family and friends.  I love you!  Love, Sister Cluff

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