Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Co-driving & Double Baptism

So many things have happened this week, but right when I try to write I forget. But here are a few things I can remember….

I get to be the co-driver again!  President W, who is in charge of the vehicles, said that we can both drive in this area.  This is pretty sweet. [Usually the senior or more experienced missionary will be responsible for driving.]  This last week my companion, Sister S, has been driving so she can get to know the area a little bit better.  It is hard to know where you are going when you are the passenger.  She is doing great and knows the area just about as good as I do.  I hope I can continue to get better at learning new places like she has.  We both feel like it is good for her to learn the area in case she has to take it over. Or in other words, in case I get transferred out.  We will see what the next transfer brings.  We still have a month until transfer calls.

It has also been snowing a bit this last week, but nothing much is sticking.  It reminds me of being home for Christmas.  I’m getting that Christmas spirit even though it is before Thanksgiving.

We had two baptisms last night.  One was for a 9-year old named Tatum and the other was for a single mom named Jennifer.  They are not related and we didn't teach them together but we had a double baptism and it was great!  I love baptisms soooo much!!  It is just so special to be able to witness someone making those special promises with our Heavenly Father. Baptisms are always miracles.

I love you all! Thank you for all the good you do!  Love, Sister Cluff.

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