Sunday, November 18, 2012

Snow and Spiders

Yes, it snowed this morning.  We kept hearing rumors all this last week that there was supposed to be snow showers on Saturday, then Sunday, and finally when we woke up this morning it was snowing.  It was snow showers.  It alternated between big fat flakes and almost rain. Luckily it is not sticking too much to the road and seems to be clearing up. Unfortunately a little snow means winter is here.  I broke out my big coat this weekend because a missionary Elder asked if I was freezing in my sweater.  I said “yes” and that is when I knew I was really cold. The Elder who talked to me is from Mesa, Arizona.  He was shivering with his big coat on. I wish our car had a thermometer.  I feel like it would be nice to know exactly how cold- cold was on that day.

 We have also had a lot of experiences with spiders this week.  First there were several little baby spiders that were on Sister N's side of the car.  One dropped down from the ceiling on its little web and she got it out the window.  The other one was somehow trying to crawl in the car after we were stopped.  Sister N tried to kill it by slamming the car door on it a few times.  It was super funny.  These spiders were so tiny you could hardly tell it was a spider.  My other spider adventure happened when a pretty big, brown, hairy spider dropped right in front of my face while we were eating at a restaurant (a member gave us a gift card for dinner). I was brave after internally freaking out for a few seconds.  I killed it in my paper napkin.  It was probably one of the most alarming spider experiences I have had.  Yuck!  Luckily, we were done eating because my appetite was gone after that.  And last but not least, we had a cat spider (maybe it is the same thing as a wolf spider, we are not sure) living by our outside light that we had to walk under.  It was probably the size of a dime (legs included) and we couldn't deal with it.  We also couldn't kill it because it was too big so Sister N caught it in an old Jelly jar and we gave it to a spider loving lady in our ward.  I wanted to get the missionary Elders to come and kill it, but catching it and giving it away works too.  The “cat spider” lived under the light for less than 24 hours and I named him Kitty.  I did not like riding in the car with him, especially since Sister N kept checking him to make sure he was okay in the jar. I wanted nothing to do with the spider. I have had enough of spiders for a while…including Halloween decorations.

Now, on to something more spiritual than spiders and snow.  This last week we set two baptismal dates with people.  I feel like it is always a miracle when someone is preparing and working towards baptism.  It’s exciting when they understand they are preparing to make promises to God to keep the commandments and always remember the Savior. 

I don't think I have any other exciting news to report. I love you all! Thank you for all the good you do!  Love, Sister Cluff.


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