Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Transfer Calls

This week has been really great.  We have seen so many miracles.  We have invited many people to be baptized and most said yes.  It is always so exciting when you see someone truly preparing to make those special promises.

I also got to help for our ward's service project.  The project was cutting wood for people in our ward who need it to stay warm and who can't afford it or can't do it themselves.  This includes some of the older people in our ward. Sister N and I were wood stackers because we didn't think it was very safe to be swinging an axe.  There were also nifty wood splitters that made splitting a log easier.  I found out that a cord of wood is 4 ft x 4 ft x by 8 ft.

We also had a ward Halloween party that same night and many people were wiped out from the hard work.  We only stayed for a few hours.

Our biggest news of the week was that we got transfer calls.  Are you ready?  I am..... staying in the same place!  My companion is going to a different area with an awesome companion.  And my new companion is going to be Sister S.  I believe she is from Utah.  She is a cosmetologist and she is also awesome!  I lived with her in same apartment for a period of time.  We had a blast together.  She also lived close by another area that I served in previously.  She has been a missionary longer than I have, she will be going home the end of January.   I am excited for this new transfer.  It is going to be a great companionship for us and the people we are working with.

Well, family, I don't have too much time to write today so I better get going. I love you all. And don't worry, I am doing well. Love you!  Love, Sister Cluff.

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