Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baptisms and Mission Changes

Sister S and I have been really blessed this week. On Sunday, we got to see a family be baptized into the church. The family consisted of a single mother and her two boys.  It was really amazing and this is truly going to bless their family.  This next week we are preparing even more people to be baptized.  It is a very special Christmas season.

There is going to be a huge change in our mission.  I just found out that there are going to be 13 new sister missionaries coming into our mission in January.  We will only have 15 experienced sister missionaries here at that time.  I am so excited!

My time is running out.  Sorry for the short letter. I better get going. I love you!  Thank you for all the good you do!  Love, Sister Cluff

P.S.  I just wanted to give you all a heads up.  I was told there is going to be a transfer period in February which is going to be 5 weeks long, instead of the normal 6 weeks. Because of this, my release date will probably be a week earlier... which would be about April 9th.

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