Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Book of Mormon Stories and Christmas Party

Yesterday we had a zone conference with our mission president and so our P-day was changed to today.  Sorry if I scared any of you. [Monday is the normal preparation day for her mission.]  I am doing fine and I am getting excited for Christmas and the Christmas phone call.  It is going to be great!

Yesterday, at the zone conference, we talked a lot about the importance of the Book of Mormon.  I want to share an experience that I had last week.  This last week we were able to catch up with a lot of people who we have kept missing.  One of those people was Bev.  We were able to have a lesson with her.  She mentioned that she had just barely started reading the Book of Mormon.  For our lesson that day we wanted to read with her.  She was at Lehi's vision (1 Nephi 8) and we were able to read with her. I was able to ask her an inspired question, "Have you ever had a dream where you felt like it meant more than just a random dream?"  We were able to apply Lehi's dream to her life in a way that she understood and recognized that these were real people.  We explained how Nephi asked to see the same dream as his father and to receive the interpretation of it.  She shared some of her dreams with us that she felt were symbolic or meant more than just a dream.  It was a great experience.

This last Saturday, we had our ward Christmas party.  We got to help out by building a giant gingerbread house out of cardboard.  It was pretty great.  I got to wield a hot glue gun.  Have I ever mentioned that I love doing service?  It is great!  Unfortunately the turnout for the party wasn't super great.  People didn't really want to drive in the snow.  We had a lot of snow this weekend and they don't salt the roads here.  We didn't have nearly as many people as we were expecting but it was still a lot of fun.

Well, I love you family!  And I am so excited to talk with you in a week.  Have a Merry Christmas and remember who the season is all about. I love you!  Love, Sister Cluff

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