Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Priesthood Miracles!

This last week we saw some priesthood miracles that I wanted to share with you.  They were both blessings of healing for our investigators.  One was for a sister named Nicki.  She has brain cancer and her head was just starting to hurt really bad when we came for a lesson.  We were able offer to call the Elders to give her a priesthood blessing.  She had had a blessing a month or so before and she described it as feeling like there was glitter going from her head to toes.  I really like that description.  The Elders came over and administered to her and she was comforted and able to calm down and feel better.  It really helped a lot.

The other priesthood blessing was for another sister named Bev.  Her stomach was feeling nauseous and had been that way for about a week.  She couldn't handle the pain anymore and she had never had a priesthood blessing before.  The Elders were able to come and give one.  It was a special experience.  She said she felt comforted and she mentioned that she never heard of any other churches giving blessings like that.  I had never thought of it like that before.  We thought it was just a blessing of comfort but then when we called her about a week later she said that the night of the blessing she went home and she realized she wasn't feeling sick.  She said that she didn't have the nauseous feeling at all after she had the blessing.  What a miracle!

It was also a testimony to me that Heavenly Father puts us where he needs us when he needs us to be there.  I love it when I am able to recognize that in my life.  I have seen so many miracles in my life and it is wonderful.  We truly have a magnificent Father in Heaven.  He blesses us so much and he blesses all of his children.

I love you all so much!  Thank you for all the good you do.  Thank you for bringing about miracles in the lives of our brothers and sisters.  I love you!  Love, Sister Cluff

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