Sunday, January 29, 2012


Thank you so much for yesterday.  [She’s referring to the Skype call.]  It made me feel so happy and loved and almost normal.  It was like I was back home for an hour.  That was definitely one of the highlights of my week.

So, last Monday we went to Wildlife Safari.  It was pretty sweet.  We have a couple of ward members, the M family, who volunteer there and were able to give us a free tour.  The first part was a little walk around zoo thing and then we went on a safari.  When we were on the safari, Brother M fed a banana to the giraffe out of the car window.  It was kind of against the rules, but he "turned himself in" afterwards.  It was sweet.  The giraffe's head was in the tour van.  It was definitely the coolest part about the safari.

Another highlight was that we had two baptisms.  Bobbie was baptized!  She is a mom; she works with doctors somehow.  She is really sweet and loves her family more than anything.  Her son was baptized about 6 years ago and just got back from his mission about a month ago.  She took the lessons while her son did and has been taught off and on.  She was just waiting for her son to get back.  Now her son, Chase, is not the only member!  This gospel really blesses families.  We hope to be teaching Bobbie's daughter and husband in the near future so they can be eventually be sealed in the temple.   Tim was baptized at the same baptism as Bobbie.  His wife and step-daughter are members and he has been investigating for a little over a year.  He and his wife both work at schools.  They are really awesome people and I am super excited that they now have the church in their lives.

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Tree with gifts waiting below.

Christmas was an awesome day.  We opened presents at 6:30AM, much earlier than we would have at home.  It was hard not to open them sooner than that.  There are no parents here to guard the tree!

Sister Cluff follows the Cluff family tradition.
Each year we take a Christmas photo amidst the pile of wrapping paper.

 This letter is going to be short.  P-day is on Saturday, Dec. 31, this next week.  [It was switched to accommodate New Year’s Eve activities.]  So, it would be nice if I could get some new emails in my inbox that day.  I love you all so much.  Thank you for all of the letters you have written!!!

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