Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking for Rainbows

This is Sister R and I celebrating the baptism of 3 children we have been teaching.   They are great kids we found through other Members! The adversary did everything he could to stop this baptism.  We just kept moving forward with faith and they were brought into the fold on November 18.  The Holy Ghost will now be their companion as they go forward from this point.  Moral of the story-- Satan works really, really, really hard to stop baptisms from happening.
            How is the weather back home?  I can't check weather while on my mission.  It’s one of the many weird things that I miss. 
The weather here is crazy!    The moss is growing from the trees.  I want to send some to you.  AND-- IT STILL LOOKS LIKE AUTUMN OUTSIDE!  My towel never dries completely and it is ridiculous.  It doesn't feel that humid but fruit ripens and bread molds very quickly.  It is kind of weird.  And, don't think of hang drying clothes.  It is not a very good idea.  I love the rain, so far.  It is way awesome and we don't have to pump our own gas! 
  We are definitely normal people as missionaries.  It is kind of weird as a regular member I viewed missionaries as perfect.  Now I see how many flaws I have but how I am working constantly to be better.  We love laughing and joking, there are a lot of things we can't do but we do talk a lot.  I am glad that my companion has become my "new twin."
My companion, Sister R, has been having a bad-health week.  Since she was under the weather, we had to take it a little slower. I feel really sorry she is dealing with all this.  She really doesn't want her health to shorten her missionary opportunities.  She still has a year of service to go.  I am praying hard for her.
I did get Kendra's wedding invitation.  It was beautiful.  It made her wedding seem much more real.  I felt super left out when Kendra "replaced" me but I am further away from it now so it is easier to handle.  Sister R is one of my best friends.  I definitely have an advantage over other people by being used to someone 24/7.  It is still different.  As companions, we have to be within sight and sound of each other always.  Sometimes you feel like "escaping" but that is impossible on a mission because it is clear you are never alone.  The other morning I just felt like going in my room and crying not about anything specific-- mostly just tiredness-- but I couldn't leave my companion.  It forces me to have good communication with my companion which is a very good thing. 
Missions are awesome!  I wish everyone could serve a mission.  It helps you so much with life.  It not only teaches you skills, but you see things in a different light and it allows you to focus on things that are most important. 
I love my mission and Oregon is growing on me.   The members always feed us really well.... I love this gospel and all of the blessings I and my family get from it.
A note from Sister H:
“Sister Cluff is doing great in our ward; she's got such a relaxing personality and genuineness about her.”

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