Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baptisms, Baptisms

Last week was great!  Exciting things are going on in this area.
  • We had Lauren's baptism on Mothers' Day.
  • Tara's baptism was on June 2nd.
  • And... 
Chelsea was baptized on June 8. I have a funny story about her baptism.  The missionaries get to do the [intermission] part [of the baptismal service] while the people are changing [out of their wet clothes].  We decided to watch the Restoration DVD, which takes about 20 minutes.  While the movie was playing, we were asked if it could be stopped soon.  It does run longer than it takes them to get dressed, which takes about 15 minutes tops.  We were asked if we could then just bear our testimonies briefly. All this was communicated in note form during the movie.  We decided to stop the movie right after the first vision.  For some reason, the movie ended up “phreaking” out right when Joseph saw a pillar of light and going back to the menu.  It is a good thing I had the first vision memorized and was able to share what happened next. So, it was pretty exciting.  It is interesting how there is almost always some sort of a distraction/interruption during the first vision, or retelling of it.  Satan doesn't like it being shared that much.

We are getting ready for another baptism next Monday!  It is for Julie and we just set the baptismal date with her yesterday.  It was super exciting!  I’ll have more to share about that in a couple of weeks.

I love you all, and sorry I am not writing more.  Hopefully the pictures in the last few blog posts make up for that a bit.  Love, Sister Cluff.

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