Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mothers' Day

This is Sister Cluff’s Mom writing.  I thought I would take a few minutes to share some of my thoughts about the Mothers’ Day phone call.  As you can imagine, I was greatly anticipating talking to her. 
We agreed on a time to talk and she found a ward member who was willing to let her use their computer.  We were able to Skype.  With her mission president’s permission, we attempted to add two other households to the conversation.  During the time Sister Cluff has been serving both her sister and her brother have married… so she has a new sister-in-law and a new brother-in-law.  She was as anxious to talk to them as to us.
Oh, the joys and the frustrations of technology!  It was so fun to see her face and watch her as she talked.  She looked well and seemed happy.  The frustration came in when we tried to add extra people.  Only two households could see each other at a time, while the others listened.  Also, due to some password problems (we had to switch some accounts around); it was hard to keep track of who was saying what.  The user name that would flash up didn’t match the voice of the person talking.  Another sort of funny thing was that her companion was in the same room as she was.  The companion was also on a Skype call… and sometimes we could hear her louder than our missionary!     
Overall, it was great to see her and talk to her.  She was excited about the upcoming baptism later that night.  She spoke kindly of her companion.  We got to hear her laugh.  I love her laugh.  I admit it was a little bittersweet when the call was done… knowing it would be 7 more months before another call.  A little piece of my heart is with her in Oregon.   

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