Sunday, July 1, 2012

Missionary Highlights

Yesterday’s Highlights:
I got to talk to you all, since it was Mothers’ Day, and there was a baptism.

The Baptism: 
The baptism went really well.  I was able to play “I Know that My Redeemer Lives” on the piano and it went pretty well.  I don't particularly like playing [the piano] in front of people.  Luckily, it wasn't my big day, but Lauren’s. 

Lauren is amazing.  She invited a bunch of people.  About 8 people that she invited came to her baptism.  We also had a good turn-out from members of the ward.  Sister F and I got to give talks on baptism and on the Holy Ghost.  We also had the confirmation right after the baptism.  [Confirmation is when priesthood holders lay their hands on a person’s head in order to become a member of the Church and also to confer the gift of the Holy Ghost on the person who has been baptized.]   The reason we did this right away is so she can go on the temple trip next Saturday to do baptisms for the dead.  [“Baptism for the dead” simply means that a living member acts on behalf of a deceased ancestor.  We believe baptism is the first ordinance needed for salvation.  Members also believe that those persons for whom they do vicarious ordinances will have the chance to either accept or reject any work done on their behalf.]  My mission president and his wife came to the baptism as well.  It is always really great to see them.
Sister F, Lauren, Sister Cluff

Miracle Quarter: 
On Saturday we were using the library computers to make a baptism program and print it.  We had figured out how to get a library card and everything and we had printed 2 pages, then another because of a goof-up.  So, I had printed 3 pages which cost $.30.  I accidentally printed off 2 more pages (5 pages = $.50).  I only had 1 dime and 4 nickels ($.30).  It was a problem.  I knew if I just had a quarter I could pay it then.  (Exact change was preferable and I didn't want to break up $20 for a quarter).  The only alternative I could see was to pay what I had and then come back another day to pay it back.  I really didn't want to.  Sister F only had 2 pennies.  I had a prayer in my heart and went on a search in my backpack.  Nothing.  I checked my wallet and when I took out the $20 there was a quarter.  I am pretty sure it just appeared as I have no recollection of seeing a quarter there before.  It was my miracle quarter.  It was not that big of a deal to anyone else, but I know my prayer was answered.  I know God loves me because He does answer prayers.  It is not always how we expect or want, but He does answer.

Exchanges went well.  I got to be with Sister W for 24 hours and my regular companion, Sister F, got to be with Sister R in Albany (Albany, Oregon not New York -- Oregon does that a lot, mooches names from other cities i.e. Dallas, Phoenix, Albany, Springfield, Salem, etc.).  Anyway, it was fun to be with Sister W and reminisce a little.  But it was also great to have Sister F back, she is truly my companion right now and it was sad with her gone.

Another thing, I am not getting transferred.  Although I have loved meeting everyone so far, it is nice to not have to pack or switch companions or wards.  One of my favorite parts of being a missionary is getting to know new people. 

More Mail:
Thank you for your prayers and support.  By the way, I would love some mail.  I have had a mail drought!  Love, Sister Cluff.

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